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ThinkFun's Classroom Resource Set is ideal for integrated classroom use and is designed specifically for 3rd to 8th grade students. Ideal for individual play or group collaboration, this easy to use game set includes:  


  • A Teacher's Guide with complete instructions on how to integrate games into classroom stations, learning centers and enrichment activities;
  • 1 copy each of 12 different ThinkFun games, each stored in a nylon bag to hold all game pieces;
  • Everything you need to create an instant "Challenge of the Week" classroom station;
  • Problem solving strategies have been mapped at three levels to particular game challenges;
  • A Beginner to Expert challenge system with ringed cards to keep the games organized;
  • 3 large and colorful posters - 2 posters to reinforce thinking vocabulary and 1 erasable station poster;
  • 12 Game Instruction Tent Cards, double-sided with game instructions and clean-up lists.


If your kids love these games, consider starting a ThinkFun Game Club for them.



Games included Classroom Resource Set 1:

  • Rush Hour®
  • Rush Hour® Safari
  • Rush Hour® Railroad
  • Hoppers®
  • Subtrax®
  • River Crossing®
  • Tipover®
  • Square By Square®
  • Sudoku 5X5™
  • Brick By Brick®
  • Shape By Shape®
  • Raging Rapids® 


  •  Click for a copy of the Teachers Guide


What is the ideal age for Game Club?

Game Club has been developed to be ideal for kids who are 5 to 13 years old, or who are in Kindergarten, through the 8th Grade. There are several different versions of Game Club to choose from, just choose a set appropriate to the grade level of the children who will be playing the games.


What problem solving strategies are focused on during Game Club?

Game Club focuses on many problem solving strategies, including: creativity, perseverance, generalization, the process of elimination, collaboration, instinct, and planning. At each Game Club, teachers are encouraged to choose one of these problem solving strategies as the focus for the session. After discussing this strategy, kids focus on using that strategy during the game session, then reflect on how it worked towards the end of the session.


Which social skills are focused on during Game Club?

The social skills Game Club focuses on are: cooperation, responsibility, encouragement, questioning, and patience. As with the problem solving strategies, a single social skill is focused on during each Game Club session and reflected on towards the end of the session.


How do the ThinkFun games help with cognitive development?

ThinkFun games are designed to help develop cognitive skills in sequential reasoning, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, and the ability to find multiple solutions to problems. Additional information on methodologies that can assist in cognitive development are included in a specific Teacher’s Guide specially designed for each game set.


Where can a Game Club be held?

A Game Club can be held anywhere there are tables and chairs! Just make sure that you have enough space to spread out the games for the kids -- the Teacher’s Guide will show you how-- and get playing!


How can I learn how to run a Game Club?

A specially designed Teacher’s Guide, which is included in every set, will outline how to run a ThinkFun Game Club, from set-up to clean-up.


Who can do a Game Club?

Anyone who works with children ages 5 to 13 can do a Game Club! A school teacher, a recreational leader, a scout leader, a church group...there are so many possibilities!

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